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Client Testimonials

"I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Jessica Rodriguez with A Virtual Team. As we are preparing for our new church, that is planned to open this year, we chose Jessica to design our website for Marigold Church. I am honored to work with such an innovative web designer who thinks two steps ahead of what we need. In just a couple of phone calls and emails she designed an easy to navigate website with many capabilities of uploading podcast, photos and much more. The quality of work is remarkable and we are fortunate that they take care of our emails and updates. Jessica did an amazing job with our Marigold Church website and we whole heartedly recommend A Virtual Team to all businesses and churches as a “full package deal.” Jessica Rodriguez is a cutting-edge business leader who has a passion for web design and development. We researched her background and she has an extensive business background in Business Engineering and Management. We made the BEST CHOICE!" 

​With Gratitude,
Paul Moreno- Pastor of Marigold Church

"OMG words cannot even express what a God send Jessica is to my team! I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica on my podcast and web design and she has made it seem effortless and seamless even though I know so much work goes into it!

Her knowledge in podcast engineering has made the build, design and launch of my podcast go off without a hitch! In under 3 weeks we had the design and flow of it, episodes recorded and edited of it and added to the biggest podcast streaming service sites in no time!

In its 1st week of launching we were in 4 territories and had over 180 downloads and it just keeps growing! I highly recommend Jessica for any podcast and website needs your business has!!"

Erika-Michelle Best
World On Fire Radio Podcast

"Jessica thank you so much for helping me with my new online business. You are AWESOME & KNOWLEDGEABLE at this!! I am learning so much from you. You have taken the a pressure & stress of not knowing how to set up my business to feeling at ease. You cover every aspect of how to operate, recruit new Customer's/Client's , managing current Customer's/Client's, Growing Sales & Profit Margins, tutorials, etc. I really don't want to share you with anyone else as I know you are going to help so many other's succeed. The most important factor is TRUST & I trust you inexplicably. I have a problem letting go of control and put too much stress on myself doing everything. You have taken the weight off my shoulders and I can't express how grateful I am to you for that. As my business continues to grow so do I. I am EXCITED to continue our journey and see what else your clever mind has in store for me!! If I were to rate you in Star's. You would be the Universe❣❣"

Carrie Burnham
Owner- Smitten4witten

"Jessica did a fabulous job organizing and revitalizing my webpage!  Not only is she extremely professional, quick to respond, always willing to go the extra mile and always available, she was able to anticipate my needs and creatively infused many of the concepts that we spoke about during our intake call with minimal direction.  She more than exceeded my expectations and I would encourage anyone looking for a seasoned professional to help with a project to utilize Jessica!  She’s a rare find and a definite keeperl"

Lauren Troche

Pantry Pull Owner

“Jessica’s insight and support has become an invaluable part of my workflow. As a mom of three and multi-business owner, I am always looking for ways to preserve precious time with my family. Jessica has given my evenings back with my family and peace of mind.

She handles many aspects of our podcast - a podcast I hesitated to start for YEARS because of the overwhelm and management fears. Jessica came in and took my vision for the show and designed structure around the intangible. She is incredibly dependable … not a week goes by that she isn’t there to lovingly remind me about needed items. As an entrepreneur with ADHD, it has been a challenge to find the needed support with someone as patient and skilled as Jessica. In thirteen years of owning my business, I can honestly say that adding her to our team has been one of the very best decisions. I am continuously looking for MORE things to hand over to her because of her skill and dedication. “


Alisha Crossley

Imperfectly Polished Podcast

“I am a total beginner at editing, but Jessica, (who has an enormous amount of patience), walked me through it and answered all my newbie questions. Sometimes I feel self-conscious about asking a ton of questions, but Jessica never made me feel dumb or inferior. She treated me with respect throughout the entire session. I feel 100% more confident than I was before our first session. Thank you so much, Jessica!!! “


Dianne-Romelle Fay


Jessica is a godsend. When I decided to offer my corporate clients private podcasts for their teams, I knew I needed help. But I also knew that my standards are high. Jessica provided the help I needed--and more--in a way that exceeded my expectations. She is quick, smart, detail oriented and eager to learn. She is curious, flexible and fun to work with. My only doubt about writing her a recommendation was that she may not be available to help me on my next project!

Heather Hansen 

Founder & CEO

The Elegant Warrior Podcast

Advocate to Win with HCA Healthcare Private Podcast

Advocate with Elegance Private Podcast


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