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Who is this Podcast Audio Editing course for?

Podcasters, Virtual Assistants, Podcast Managers or anyone that wants to learn to edit audio or become a podcast editor.


In this course, you will learn:

➢ Which software is needed to edit

➢ How to convert video files to audio files

➢ Learn to audio editing (Noise removal, content editing, fade in, fade out, and much more...)

➢ Combining the intro, outro, and episode together

➢ How to upload to a host once you are done

➢ Your Final exam will be editing a live podcast.  

  • If you are worried about not having enough experience even after taking this course, I have you covered! For your Final exam you will be editing a live podcast.  Yes, this means you will edit a podcast that is currently live on Apple Podcast, Spotify, iheartradio, etc. This will give you the experience you need in order to have the confidence and proof that you can edit a show. You will also be able to share this episode with your future clients as proof of your expertise!--


Bonus lessons:

1.  Learn to make an Intro with music

2.  Learn to make an Outro with music

3.  Learn to make an audiogram

4.  Learn to make a post for social media, using CANVA

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