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Launch Your
Podcast in 30 Days Bootcamp

Get in front of hundreds of potential clients in 30 days!

Will I really be able to launch my Podcast in 30 days? YES!

I decided to make this Bootcamp so that I can walk you step by step through the process of launching, so that you will not get lost along the way.

The 3 reasons you need to start a podcast now!

“I am a total beginner at editing, but Jessica, (who has an enormous amount of patience), walked me through it and answered all my newbie questions. Sometimes I feel self-conscious about asking a ton of questions, but Jessica never made me feel dumb or inferior. She treated me with respect throughout the entire session. I feel 100% more confident than I was before our first session. Thank you so much, Jessica!!! “




Hi, I'm Jessica Rodriguez,
Podcast Manager, Editor & Launch Specialist

After launching many podcasts for my clients, the one thing I have noticed is not that they are incapable of launching their own podcast, it's that they get lost within the many steps to get their podcast launched.  The tech and how to get on the different podcast platforms is a little confusing.  

I decided to make this Bootcamp, so that I can walk you step by step through the process of launching, so that you will not get lost along the way. I  will do daily Facebook lives during phase 1 (Week 1) of the challenge and then weekly lives to make sure you stay on track.


I also, made it affordable so that anyone that wants to do a podcast, can! For only $97 you will get full access to me, strategies, and a Facebook group full of people with the same mission in mind, launching their podcasts.  

Can't wait to see you on the inside!

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Highlights of What to Expect

Weeks 01-02

  • Daily Facebook lives

  • Receive a podcast launch guide.

  • Each day we will go in detail each step needed to get your trailer made and approved on all the major Podcast platforms.

  • Edit your Trailer. I will show you how to audio edit your trailer, for those that will not be hiring an editor.

  • This week is jam packed with items that need to get done in order to set a launch date.

Weeks 02-03

  • Wait for approval and then we will go over ways to Begin promoting the podcast launch and doing a countdown.

  • Record 3 episodes.

  • Edit your episodes. I will show how to make an intro and outro for your episodes, for those that will not be hiring an editor.

  • Write Show notes

  • Title your episode

Week 04

  • It's launch week! 

  • Get everything uploaded and ready for your launch date.

  • Announce your giveaways 




Sign me up!
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You can do this! I will be with you every step of the way!

YES! I want to join the Bootcamp,
Sign me up now!

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Did I forget to mention the Bonus?

Light the fireworks! Well of course there's a bonus! Because you will be my founding members, I will be editing your trailer for you for free, a $47 value, with music of your choice.  Now, NO MORE EXCUSES, let's get started!

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